What Is Pooh Shiesty’s Net Worth In 2021?

As of 2021, Pooh Shiesty net worth is expected to be at least $1.5 million dollars!

Pooh Shiesty  is a rap artist who has yet to release his latest album, but he’s net worth $1.5 million. The reason? He doesn’t plan on stopping there–and with 1017 Records as his label (which signed him), you know it’ll only get better from here!  Without question, this young man can expect even greater success in all things musical; what started at just 21 years old could easily become tens, or dozens fold more by the time we reach 30-something years of age and beyond, which means that Mr. Pooh will continue growing both financially AND fame worthy too!

He’s one of the most successful YouTubers on YouTube, with more than 985 thousand subscribers to his tunes and an impressive 30 albums under his belt, and is a source of income for him. He also streams live shows from time to time!

About Pooh Shiesty

A Memphis-born rap star is quickly making a name for himself. Lontrell Williams, Jr., better known as “Pooh Shiesty,” rose to fame with Gucci Mane and their 1017 Records label after the release of his first single in 2020, which peaked at number three on Billboard 200 charts—a success not many artists can say they’ve achieved while signed under more than one big agency! 

On February 5, 2021, at only 21 years old, this young man released his first commercial mixtape called Shiesty Season.

Pooh Shiesty Bio:

Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Real Name: Lontrell Williams
Known as: Pooh Shiesty
Profession: Rapper, Songwriter
Date of Birth: November 8, 1999
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee
Source of Wealth: Youtube, Rapper, Songwriter

Pooh Shiesty Career

Pooh Shiesty is best known for his rap music and viral videos that have brought him worldwide. In the early stage, he started sharing his songs on Youtube and Online, but it turns out that people loved them enough for him to become famous overnight!

Unlike many other artists who have struggled in their careers or even given up, Poosh kept going, and today he has over thirty albums worth listening too-including “The Rap Song That Made Me Famous.”

His voice and songs are popular on social media, which allowed him to gain momentum for a successful music career in the first place!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pooh Shiesty

How old is Pooh Shiesty?

As of September 2021, Pooh Shiesty is a whopping 21 years old. However, in November 2021, His age will be 22 years; he is very close to celebrating his 22nd birthday this year.

How Tall Is Pooh Shiesty?

The tall Pooh Shiesty is known for being the shortest member of his group, but don’t let that fool you. He’s 5ft 11in or 181cm in height!

What Is Pooh Shiesty Girlfriend Name?

Unlike many other celebrities, Pooh Shiesty has managed to keep his love (girlfriends) life private. But, of course, this can only mean that he may be dating someone special or does not want anyone else knowing about it!

Where Is Pooh Shiesty From?

Pooh Shiesty is from Memphis, Tennessee, and grew up here. He lived for two years of high school at Pflugerville before moving back to his hometown;

Does Pooh Shiesty Have A Negative Net Worth?

Does the Pooh Shiesty have a negative net worth? Well, according to his Youtube Channel and other income streams, he does not. The famous rapper’s wealth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, and his primary source of earning is music sales and streaming.

What is Pooh Shiesty net worth?

Pooh Shiesty’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

How Much Is Pooh Shiesty Worth?

Do you have a question in mind about what is Pooh Shiesty’s net worth? Pooh Shiesty is the wealthiest 21-year old in America with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. His wealth has grown at an alarming rate ever since he started his career, and I predict that it will continue without slowing down any time soon!

How Pooh Shiesty Made Money?

As one of the most followed live music streamers on YouTube, Pooh Shiesty has made a living from his channel. He grosses about $1.5 million every year through these streams alone!

The rapper is signed to two major records labels, Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records and Atlantic Records. In 2015 alone, he released three mixtapes that featured title tracks such as inking deals worth more than $350 thousand between him & Kanye West; For the most part, he’s driven his income through revenue from ads and royalties rather than ticket sales or album proceeds!

Popular Pooh Shiesty Lyrics

Pooh Shiesty Social Media Handles

Pooh Shiesty is active on most social media networks, and if you like his work, I recommend following him. The bear with a crazy amount of fans is on social media! His Facebook page has 250k+ followers, where he shares all memories for the people who support him. In addition, you can find pictures and videos from his journeys as well as new songs that have come out in recent times – so be sure to check them out next time you’re feeling down about life or need some encouragement.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

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