I want you to imagine waking up, clicking on a few websites, and earning extra cash before you even at breakfast or went to work. How nice would that be? Well, what would you do with that money? Would you pay after your house, maybe set up a vacation fund? Or maybe you want a few extra cash at the end of the month?

If that’s something that you want, then it’s time to get paid by clicking ads!

Paid-to-click websites are a great way to earn an income from home. You can do things like play games, take surveys, and more! But be careful because there are scam websites out there too. So make sure you only join the best paid-to-click website for your needs!

This blog post will show you the best ways to make money By Clicking Ads, and it’s easier than you might think. So Let’s go ahead and get into how to earn on those websites. And what are the best ways?

Here are the best 5 ways that will pay you for doing this simple task.


Send Earnings this company’s been since 2000, and I think it was bought out by inbox dollars back in 2005. But, still, it’s a legitimate website they’re going to give you five dollars just for signing up, so all you need is your email a password confirm that go ahead and sign up confirm the email you guys will be on your way; they’ll starts already sending you emails so you guys can start clicking on the little buttons and those emails and start earning money you can watch ads you can watch videos and play different games.


Another website, SuccessBux, will pay you to watch different advertisements and videos. So the first step is to register for a free account, start watching advertisements and taking different surveys and then withdraw your money right to PayPal and how it sounds easy. They have over 230,000  registered members active recently is five hundred. Seventy-five paid out over twenty-five thousand dollars lifetime earnings is what you can earn from this website earn as much as you can.

In SuccessBux, you can view ads, view surveys you could participate in different contests, do tasks you can refer people to the website, and earn a percentage of all the work they do, which is fantastic. You can also redeem offers, and you can also listen to the radio, get paid to click paid to sign up paid for watching ads, and you can also get paid for listening to the radio right of this website. They also have something that’s called an ad click wall so you’ll go over to this page. You’ll see just a massive bunch of ads on this page, and you sit there and watch the ads and click around, and you guys make money for doing that. Once you build up your balance, there’s not a vast minimum or anything like that to cash out. I think it’s only like a dollar or something, but when you guys are ready to cash out with your earnings, go ahead and click on PayPal.

Bux Inc

BuxInc pays you cash for just clicking on links and viewing advertisers’ websites for 30 seconds each day. It’s that easy! All you have to do is log into your account every day, click the links they give you, and then confirm when it’s done. Once you reach the minimum payout, they will send your earnings right over through Paypal!


Swagbucks is the world’s largest rewards website that gives people more of what they love. They offer various ways to earn points, including searching the web, watching videos, and shopping online. You can redeem your points for gift cards or cash from PayPal. It takes less than 2 minutes to join!

Get rewarded just for doing things you already do on your computer, like shopping at your favorite stores and searching the internet with Swagbucks. Earn up to 10% back in bonus offers when you shop through our site, as well as other great deals only available through Swagbucks!


Make money at ScarletClicks by clicking on ads and banners. They’ve paid out over two million dollars to almost a million users, so it’s pretty amazing. The first step is to click on ads. After that, you can earn money and cash out, so how do you cash out? You can cash out through skrill,  payeer, bitcoin, AirTm, and Paypal.

The very first thing you’re going to do is go to the dashboard and click on view ads. Once you do that, you’re going to have access to this fixed advertisements page now that it sounds complete.

Well, once you get to this page, you’re going to have a massive collection of a bunch of different websites that you’re going to click on. Now on those websites, there’s going to be ads suitable, so all you have to do is watch those ads for like a few seconds, and then you guys make money.

Ending Note:

When I was looking through this, it reminded me of those days when I was struggling, when I was on the laptop inside of my garage, Yeah so I had a little office inside of my garage because we didn’t have a big enough house. I always liked boxes and stuff everywhere, but this is an old picture of me right here. I remember struggling to find a different way to make money online to find something that worked because I don’t know about you guys. Still, you know when I started all this, I was into it for the long term; I wanted something sustainable, not like a get-rich-quick thing or making a few dollars, here I’m talking about some absolute money right that’s what a lot of us want to make some real money to pay the bills to pay the mortgage to pay the car payments to maybe have a better house or even move to a better state or a better country a better City. I don’t know, but you know what that was us this has allowed us to break free from the 9 to 5 to get myself out of traffic, and so now, I can make money while I sleep, make money while I’m on vacation with my family, make money while I’m on a road trip, It doesn’t matter where I am! So I find myself in a restaurant looking at the different things coming in on my phone; and it’s an excellent lifestyle, and I love it.

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