Do you want easy money? If so then this is the post for you. You can make easy cash by writing reviews on blogs and getting $100 Paypal money. Simply read the products that are offered, write reviews about them, and earn easy cash.

I’ll show you how to sign up for a free account and walk through different examples. I’ll also walk you step by step on how to do this. You don’t need money or any experience, it’s 100% free! This opportunity is available in all countries worldwide.

How to make quick cash in Capterra are hundreds of websites online where you can write a review and make quick cash. But today, we are going with the best-paid review site called Capterra that paid the height rate, and you can get paid by PayPal.  Let’s learn more about Capterra.

What is Capterra?

Capterra is a website that pays you to write reviews for different software. You don’t need any experience, money, or technical skill because all they want from you is feedback on the software and whether it’s worth trying out, in your opinion, as well as sharing with other potential customers!

You can get paid by writing reviews on different software, as you see right here. You don’t need any technical skills or experience, and there’s no minimum required to start making money with this program.

How to make quick cash by writing reviews:

Let me guide you through how you can get started with Capterra. Then, here is how you can make quick PayPal cash.

So let begin the journey to make quick money through Capterra by creating an account. Next, go to your workspace and complete your profile with your name, job title, and image.

When you are on your account workspace, you will see a button at the top right called “Write a Review” – Click on it, and it will drive you to the search page where you can search for software that you like most.  Select the software that you want to review and click on it. I have select “Google Drive” as I use it frequently. It will drive you to the selected software review page with a form to complete the process of review, and it has three steps those are:

Step 1:

Fill up the form with your basic information or log in with LinkedIn. If you log in with your LinkedIn profile, it will pull up all the information from your LinkedIn profile.

I will recommend you log in with LinkedIn as it will increase the authenticity of your account and increase the chances of getting approved your reviews. So fill up the form with correct information and as at the end select role as “I am a user” then click Next Button.

Step 2:

In this step, you will have to review the software by following terms (Overall Quality, Ease of Use, Features & Functionality, Customer Support, Value for Money, Ease of Deployment, Pricing, and Recommendations).

Step 3:

In Step 3, you will have to write a detailed review of the selected software. I will recommend you to write a title under 15 words and Pros and Cons under 450 words.  After that, write your overall experience with that software; Here, you can write under 400 words. Then accept the terms of condition and Submit your review.

How to get paid through PayPal for approved reviews:

When you submit your review, you will get an email confirmation for it. Capterra will manually check those reviews, and if your review passes their requirement, they will approve it and send you an email with a link to gift cards. Just click on that link and get the gift card, then exchange that gift card for a PayPal balance.


In Capterra, for each approved review, you will get $10; if you write 10 reviews per day, you can easily make $100 a day.

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